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You invest a great deal of time and money in selecting exactly the right instrumentation and switching for your Test & Measurement system – don’t let it down with poor quality cabling. The overall signal integrity of your test system is only as good as the weakest link in the connectivity chain, and often this is compromised by using inferior cable assemblies.

Pickering Interfaces understands this – our in-house connectivity division manufactures a comprehensive range of >1200 high quality cable and connector solutions to support our modular switching and simulation product lines, everything from simple mating connectors through to complex cable assemblies and terminal blocks. Every accessory is designed to ensure a trouble-free experience in connecting our products to your test system, with all parts guaranteed to mechanically and electrically connect correctly. However, there are times when a standard cable assembly is not suitable. There may be the need for custom cable lengths, specialized connectors and wire types, or specific loom wiring. Alternatively, you may need a cable to connect to a non-Pickering instrument or perhaps a Mass Interconnect receiver.

There is now a simple way of creating these custom cabling solutions – Pickering’s new online Cable Design Tool.

With this free-to- use graphical tool, you can quickly and easily design any custom cable assemblies you need.

Features of the Cable Design Tool include:








  • Graphical design of customised cable assemblies.
  • Built-in library of standard cable sets can be used as the basis for customization, or cables can be defined from scratch.
  • Create your own library and share with colleagues.
  • Allows very detailed design characteristics including – selection of connector types, wire types, pin definitions, pin and cable labelling, cable bundling, length selection, sleeving, comments, etc.
  • Add your own connectors and wires.
  • Store cable assemblies in the Cloud and develop over time.
  • Each cable design has a downloadable PDF documentation file detailing all specifications.
  • Fully supported on modern browsers and tablet operating systems.
  • Built-in tutorials and videos allow you to get quickly up to speed.

If you get stuck creating a cable assembly, just submit the semi-completed assembly and our experienced engineers will provide guidance to complete the process. Once the cable assembly design is finalised, we can provide pricing, typically within one working day. Alternatively, you can use the detailed PDF documentation package to obtain quotations from other cable vendors.

Please visit to try out the tool, or contact us for more details:

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Last modified: 4th September 2017